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Welcome to The Artie Clear Show Commercial Samples directory! Here you'll find samples of commercial spots featured on the The Artie Clear Show! Thinking about advertising with us? Then checkout this area for samples!!

Download Name Play Size Length
download Terminators Pest Spot

0.9 MB 1:01 min
download Rodney_So_Lets_Dance

0.5 MB 0:33 min
download Legal ID Sports

0.3 MB 0:20 min
download Hits_Keep_on_Comin

0.1 MB 0:05 min
download Classic_Movie_Line__10 knockers

0.5 MB 0:16 min
download Artie and Seth

0.2 MB 0:16 min
download Artie and Dick

0.4 MB 0:26 min
download Artie and Billy

0.5 MB 0:33 min
download Artie Clear Maniac Bumper 1

0.4 MB 0:30 min
download Artie Clear - Pro Body by Hope

0.2 MB 0:16 min
download AC Photo Spot

0.9 MB 0:41 min
download AC Milo Liner

0.1 MB 0:10 min
download AC Mid Atlantic Spot

0.5 MB 0:30 min
download AC Merril Reese Drop

0 MB 0:03 min
download AC Kenny Albert Liner

0.1 MB 0:07 min
download AC Investors Chatroom

0.4 MB 0:28 min

0.3 MB 0:17 min
download AC Car Spot

0.8 MB 1:01 min
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