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Welcome to The Artie Clear Show AC Drops directory! Here you'll find two months of more of The Artie Clear Show, all archived and presented for your listening pleasure! Did you miss a show? Then you'll likely find it here!

Download Name Play Size Length
download teddyy

0.2 MB 0:31 min
download juliehymanFF

0.1 MB 0:06 min
download You're Gonna Lose!

0.3 MB 0:22 min
download The Dating Game
Various Artists

0.8 MB 0:53 min
download Rocky_MICK

0.2 MB 0:23 min
download Rocky Theme Song

5.2 MB 3:49 min
download ROR Spot Cookie

0.8 MB 1:06 min
download R&B Soiree Spot 1
Jim Bakay

0.8 MB 1:03 min
download John Broadcasting Spot

0.7 MB 1:04 min
download Funniest Movie Line Ever

0.4 MB 0:25 min

0.5 MB 0:32 min
download Classic_Movie_Line__38

0.2 MB 0:07 min
download I_Should_have_Yelled_Two

0.4 MB 0:25 min
download Bluto's Advice

0.3 MB 0:18 min
download PSA
Blindness PSA 30 sec

0.5 MB 0:32 min
download Blazing_Saddles_What_in_the_wide_world_of_sports

0.1 MB 0:04 min
download Blazing Saddles Whip this Out

0.2 MB 0:08 min
download Casey At the Bat
davids music d

5.4 MB 5:51 min
download Artie Clear Wifi Promo

0.4 MB 0:32 min
download Artie Clear Spot 2

0 MB 0:00 min
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